Optimum Tourist Itinerary
City Gate Plaza --> Gate Tower --> Sculptures of Three Kingdom Characters --> Han Tripod--> Horse Race Course--> Peach Garden --> Cao Cao's Army Camp on Land and Waterside --> The Arena --> Changban Hill Side --> Admiral Zhou Yu's Rotrum, Seven Star Altar --> Main Hall of King of Wu's Palace--> Hall for the Elite --> Rear Palace (harem)--> Gan Lu Temple --> Stunt performing court for Big Fire at Chibi

    Watching the actual show of "Three Heroes Fighting Lv Bo", you will find that one wink will be one wink too many. The show is simply fantastic.
    Full-scale show of ancient battle in war "Three Heroes Fighting Lv Bu" is on at 10:00 every morning. All actors are those who took part in the shooting of "Stories of Three Kingdoms" and over 40 horses are well-trained chargers. When the battle gets to the climax you will see the four men on four horses in a tight cluster in their fierce combat and the spears and sabers rattling together. The heart-throbbing combat never fails to rivet the audience's eyes and draws out their incessant cries of "Bravo". If you wish to have the pleasure to viewing it in advance, just log in on our website and see the rolling broadcast before coming to the actual show.
    Near the performing court are the Han Tripod, Peach Garden and Sculptures of Characters of Three Kingdoms. Han Tripod has been registered in the Guinness Record as the biggest tripod of the world. How about having a picture taken here?

    This is where the "Big Fire at Chibi" scene in "Stories of Three Kingdoms" was shot.
    Now that all smoke has dispersed, Cao Cao's multi-decked ship is restored to its quiet and sedateness. This is by far the best point to enjoy the Lake's beautiful scenes, with mountains and waters and fishing boats in between. But for the incessant flow of tourists you might start quite voluntarily, chanting the poem: "And there the green mountains remain, tainted red by twilight day after day."

    In terms of grandeur and majesty King Wu's Palace is certainly the top one not counting E'fang Palace.
    King of Wu's Palace, which takes up an area of 5000 mu, is seated against the green mountain and facing the Lake. Beautifully arranged on different levels, it has a local flavor of Wu area. The Palace is comprised of the Frontal Palace Gate, Golden Water Bridge, the Conference Hall, the Hall of Elite and the rear palace. " Liu Bei's Wedding" a Han Dynasty marriage ceremony is held here. Liu Bei's wedding room is in the rear palace. Those familiar with the "Stories of Three Kingdoms" will know this episode is so full of drama.

    Is this the fleet of hundreds of ships shown in " Big Fire at Chibi"?
    They are merely a number of ship models made of iron. One has to know that to burn up Cao Cao's army, hundreds of thousands strong, just a few hundred thousand rmb will be far from enough. That is why a good part of the scene in "Stories of Three Kingdoms" where big fire burns down fleets of war ships is by special cinematic technology.
    Here the grand and exciting scenes of "Big Fire at Chibi" are put on every day for the tourists. By means of remote control, electric control and pneumatic control the micro models can show such full scaled warring scenes with the help of video and audio effects of burning of fire, howling of wind and thick smoke, striking you as absolutely desolate and war like.