The optimum itinerary
Cui Xian Building--> Yanggu County Yamen (magistrate's office--> Zishi Street --> Wu Dalang's Home --> Wang Po's Teahouse --> Zheng Tu's Butcher Shop --> Mount Liangshan Zone --> Merriment Woods--> Shige Village --> Performing Plaza --> Xunyang Building --> Da Xian Guo Si Temple --> Fan Building--> the Royal Palace --> Shanghe Steet on Qing Ming Day --> Gao Qiu's Residence
    In spite of the popular belief that Song Dynasty was one of delicate ornate-ness the painted railings and green tiles and scarlet red ridges of the Palace display a grand majestic-ness.
    With the battle cries and fire and smoke gone, the majestic palaces and busy long street have now peace and quiet restored to them. Gao Qiu's Residence is now the museum of " Scroll of Shanghe Street on Qing Ming Day" and the Da Xian Guo Si Temple is attracting hundreds of pious believers, while Yu Xian Lou is the right place where you taste the Wuxi style delicacies.
    The best of all is the "Shanghe Street on Qing Ming Day", constructed after the famous scroll of painting by Zhang Zeduan of Song Dynasty. It is an alleviation of the Royal Capital's grave solemnity. Descriptions like "misty willows and painted bridge" and "fluttering curtains and green drapery" reflect the luxuries characteristic of the capital.

    We are not sure what you might think of Pan Jinlian's destiny but we are quite sure that modern interpretation of the young woman's mentality by Ms Wang Siyi should have touched your heart.
    This is the zone for provincial areas. You have Wu Dalang's home, Wang Po's teahouse, Zhengtu's butcher shop … things that the Chinese would not be unfamiliar. All buildings are purposefully made to look old. Smeared and gray walls blackened with smoke record the years gone by and stories repeated among the common people are all everyday happenings. Why, Pan Jinlian and Wu Dalang are still selling their buns in Water Margin Town today!
    Beyond the myriad of lights and flagrant air of the town is the Lake's richly-endowed landscape. The well-preserved woods and reeds marshes are the cradle of movies/TV plays of historical themes. If you are interested in big movies and big stars just log on to our column of "Big shots in the cinematic circles"
    Here you will find that to date a big star is not a dream.

    This is a unique culture in China's history, and is a frontier kind of living outside of China's mainstream culture.     Mount Liangshan is the name.
    " Drink to your fill, share life and death and one promise is worth a thousand taels of gold". The simplicity, forthrightness and untamed wildness of these outlaw heroes have their unique expression in the styles of the mountain camp. The Turn-Head Gate, Duan Jin Ting (wealth dividing pavilion) and Ju Yi Ting (Heroes' Meeting Hall)… Don't such names remind you of your sometime dream of "Bravely step forward when my turn comes"?

    Lake Taihu is beautiful and her beauty stems out of the lake's water.
    An expanse of water of 36000 qin, the Lake comes to its peak of beauty at this corner right here. Let's forget for the moment what pleasure it brings to drink at Xunyang Building, to listen to the fisherman's little tunes at Shige Village or common people's talk at Zhu Gui's wine shop, just the fishing in the reedy marshes gives pleasure enough to stay any city dweller, worn out by busy urban life.
    Especially worth mentioning is the Golden Lake Taihu Waterway Itinerary just launched, which gives you full access to the Movie/TV Base, and the wonderful scenes of Turtle Head Islet and Ma Shan. The tour on water will strike you as something new.