Xunyang Tower
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In The Water Marsh, Xunyang Tower is a famous restaurant near the Xunyang River in the Northern Song Dynasty. When Song Jiang is sent on exile in Jiangzhou, he stops by this restaurant and writes a self-motivating poem: “I am trudging in the State Wu, but longing for Shandong. As a drifter, I can only sigh to the endless river. Looking up at the sky where my ambition still hovers. Once it is fulfilled, I shall laugh at Huang Chao as a true hero.” The poem, in which Song Jiang sees himself as superior to Huang Chao, leader of the Tang Dynasty peasant uprising, is reported by an inspector Huang Wenbing to the royal court, which subsequently sentences Song of death penalty. Then, Wu Rong the strategist and his men break into the execution ground and rescue Song, who escapes to the Mount Liangshan to become headman of the outlaws.Constructed by the Tai Lake, Xunyang Tower presents to visitors the most impressive views of the lake.