Grand Premier Temple
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One of the top ten temples of ancient China, the Grand Premier Temple once covered an area of 83 acres, administrated 64 Zen houses, and served as the national Buddhist center during the Northern Song Dynasty.

In The Water Marsh, it takes place at the Grand Premier Temple that Lu Zhishen uproots a willow tree. After unintentionally knocking Zheng Gunaxi to death with three punches, Lu flees to Mount Wutai and becomes a Buddhist monk, nicknamed "Flowery Monk." The abbot assigns him to look after a vegetable garden of the temple. During this time, Lu defeats and subdues a group of hooligans trying to steal vegetables from the garden and earns their respect. He becomes famous after pulling out a willow tree with his brute strength. It is in this place where Lu meets Lin Chong by chance and becomes sworn brothers with him.

The temple comprises the main gate, Mahavira Hall, Kuanyin Pavilion, a bell tower and a drum tower.